Globe Modular is a manufacturer and distributor of modular container buildings and “flat pack” steel frame structures. Our modular building designs are ideal and cost effective solutions for workforce camps, temporary housing, modular hotels, multi-unit residences and a variety of other modular space and specialty building requirements.

We offer a full suite of services including design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of modular buildings worldwide. Our skilled team can provide options ranging from simple designs, to the most unique living and working spaces imaginable. Our buildings can be designed for the most remote and harshest regions of the planet, standing up to extreme heat and deep cold, heavy snow, wind and seismic conditions.

Customized interiors provide all the comforts of home, making remote location living comfortable for staff and personnel.

Our modular construction is specifically suited to meet the high demands of mining, power, oil, gas and logging companies; as well as city planners, modern designers and those hosting world class events.

Globe Modular can construct amenities such as meeting rooms, conference centers, recreation facilities, office complexes, kitchens, dry and wet units, lavatories, modular hotels, apartments, schools, retirement residences and isolated residential housing projects.